Monday, May 2, 2011

Reebok - Zigtech

This animation is the taste of the kind of work I did for three months after the Yahoo Lover spot. There were many spots in the Reebok spot.

REEBOK ZIGTECH // Alexander Ovechkin from Moxie Joe on Vimeo.

REEBOK ZIGTECH // Peyton Manning from Moxie Joe on Vimeo.

Reebok ZigTech from Alvaro Monzon on Vimeo.

Director: (psyop) Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick
Executive Producer: Neysa Liebert/ Frederic Liebert
Producer: Frederic Liebert, Jamey Kitchens
Associate Producer: Minh Ly
Creative Lead: Paul Cayrol
VFX Supervisor: Chris Eckardt
Editor: Brett Nicoletti
Compositor: Matt LaVoy

3d TEAM: Barry Kreigshauser, Craig Christain, Mark Lipsmeyer, MAtt Berenty

2d TEAM: Dylan Spears, Eddie Moreno, Jahmad Rollins, Jamal Otolorin, Josh Dotson, Kendra Ryan, Matt Lavoy, Regis Margo, Shervin Staat, Song Kim, Taik Lee, Stephin Holbrook

phew there are more names I am sure but my finger blister at the size of the credit. Anywho I did a lot of clean up animation and clean up on effects animation. Working with all those guys was fun, and Interesting.

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